At CHQS, our employees are experts in their field, dedicated to our values, and have a great sense of fun. In our series "A Day in the CHQS life," we will explore how our team keeps customers running at the speed of business. Our Account Managers have a unique and important job. Each day they get to meet with a variety of people. From big corporations to local small businesses, our sales team interacts with them all. What does a typical day look like for them?


While our HQ doors open at 8, our sales team hits the ground running even earlier than that. Answering e-mails or traveling to appointments, our team is ready to tackle the day ahead.

9:00am - 12:00pm

Consulting on processes and productivity is a key element in the day to day of our Account Managers. Workflow and results are two things that businesses focus on. Our team is able to look at the current workflow and results analytically. Then, using future goals as a benchmark, recommend options to get there faster. Our office is equipped with hardware, software, and support to help companies achieve their end goal.


Lunch! From the variety of restaurants on Ventura Blvd to the beaches in Ventura County, our Account Managers enjoy the area we serve!

1:00 - 4:00pm

CHQS Account Managers excel at helping customers utilize their print budget. They find creative ways to take current resources and technology and develop a custom proposal for each business.

4:00pm and beyond

As a company, we plan our tomorrows, today! Our to do lists are always created the night before we leave so we can hit the ground running the next day. Throughout the day we are connected to our customers and monitor each service request. As we finish our follow ups, we plan for another great day of helping others succeed.