Our administrative team is made of dedicated individuals who work behind the scenes to keep our customers running at the speed of business. While some positions are specifically cross-functional, the way this team works together with each department is crucial for success.

8am: Headsets are on and the phone starts ringing.

Our mission states that we answer every phone call live, and we really do! Starting with our Customer Service Coordinator Milana, our team is ready for your call.

9:00am - 12:00pm Check and recheck

Each admin team member has a specific set of duties and processes. For example, Gayle reviews all documents associated with leasing equipment. Melinda on the other hand collects and calculates information for monthly maintenance agreement invoices. Both of these ladies are extremely detail oriented in their processes. Just the other day, a vendor made a mistake that could have cost a customer over $1,000 if our team didn't catch it.

12:00pm Lunch around the office!

Our team takes advantage of a centrally located headquarters. Whether it's taking a walk around the block or going to the Village, our team enjoys all that Woodland Hills has to offer

1:00pm - 5:00pm Follow up is key

Communication is key internally but also to our customers. We aim to keep you updated at all times, even if there is no update. We often act as a liason between customer and vendor. If we are still waiting for a response, we will let you know. If we need to do more follow up on our end, we will let you know. Our Director of Service and Logistics Jodie is great at following up. She often troubleshoots service requests and follows up with customers to see if they are back on track. Pam also connects with customers on a daily basis. Their questions about installation, vendor invoices, and any other complicated question goes straight to her. We are so thankful for our admin team who comes to work every day, armed with a positive attitude and can-do spirit.