Santa Clarita, known for it's mountain views, lies about 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Many know it as home to Six Flags Magic Mountain or CalArts, but at CHQS we know it as a great part of our territory.

Businesses in Santa Clarita range from small businesses to manufacturing firms. In fact, the top businesses in the area are:

  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Bio-Medical Firms
  • Entertainment
  • Technology

We love serving the Santa Clarity Valley for many reasons, one being how creative we can be with our solutions! With many large firms, our Account Managers create fleets of office equipment, deployed in various ways. For example: An Aerospace Manufacturing firm will need printers that range from desktop units for proofs as well as large scale machinery for finalized plans. With our robust product line, each process and each department receives the unique solution to build their productivity.

Help Santa Clarita victims of recent fires

For those interested in helping, here is a resource