Office equipment is commonly referred to as a “printer” or “copier”. That isn’t wrong, but there are so many more capabilities that come as standard features, that printer just isn’t enough. Generally, these pieces of office equipment are multifunction printers. They incorporate different functionality to meet a variety of business needs in one hub. The first step of deciding what machine you need, is determining which features you need and want.


Machine Need features

Typical needs include:

  • Copy
  • Print
  • Fax
  • Scan
  • Double-sided printing
  • Multiple trays where paper types and sizes can be stored
  • Finishers that can create booklets with folds and staples

A multifunction printer can make the document you are designing into a reality. However, it can also take that piece of collateral and elevate it.

Examples of “wants” that multifunction printers can perform

  • Pantone color matching system
  • Accounting codes
  • Scan preview and editing
  • Custom user interfaces with one-touch job performance
  • Saved jobs for frequently printed documents
  • Security in compliance (and above) industry specific standards
  • Shifting collateral creation to in-house printing versus outsourcing

The first step in identifying which multifunction printer your office needs to increase its’ speed of business, think of what you need today, but also what you want to need. Talk your processes and goals through with your CHQS Account Manager. They can help you identify features that help your process, enhance your process, and even to some steps for you.