What is my security strategy?

Do you know the answer to that question? Many people don’t and it’s one of the main reasons a piece of office equipment doesn’t quite fit into your workflow the way you want it to. There are three main things to look at.

What kind of storage do I need?

What kind of compliance do I need to keep in mind?

What kind of usage do I need to manage?

After looking into those segments, you can then identify, what are my needs based on a variety of time tables, and is this something I should outsource?

Let’s start with the three main topics when identifying your security strategy.

Machine Need Pt 2 SecurityWhat kind of storage do I need?

When it comes to the documents and files you create, print, scan, etc., where are you looking to store them? Do you utilize the cloud, or want to? Is your machine equipped to archive and sort them for you? Is scan to e-mail all you really need? These process-based questions can eliminate machines that have too many functions or point to machines with functions integrated into their capabilities.

What kind of compliance do I need to keep in mind?

Do you have customer information on the documents that you process? Are there federal and state laws, like HIPPA, that need to be factored in? Do you know how to wipe the hard-drive for end of term scenarios? Compliance is an easy way to help filter office equipment options based on very specific need.

What kind of usage do I need to manage?

Today’s office environment is changing and so is the way office equipment is being used. For example, if the machine is being used in a co-office setting, are only certain users allowed to use the machine, based on their membership options? Are there multiple budgets for multiple departments that need to be allocated easily and correctly? Do you have key cards that help determine access levels?

The questions above are just starting points. Don’t be overwhelmed. The CHQS Account Manager team is filled with experts and they will be able to walk with you, through your processes and help you pinpoint exactly what you need to accomplish your goals.

Then it turns to outsourcing or hiring. Do you need to outsource for extra IT and security help? Is your new office equipment enough to support your workforce? Is there a happy medium?

Stayed tuned for part three, the big money questions, going live next week.