If you’ve been through an office equipment installation, you may be fearful of your next upgrade. Common experiences include multiple days of downtime, invisible account managers, a lack of training, and general frustration.

Not with CHQS. We design our installations to fit your workflow seamlessly.

First, we do the pre-work. If you haven’t visited our Technology Center, then you’ve never seen our amazing warehouse. Each machine is delivered and our technician team assembles your machine. Most companies stop there, but we test and pre-load your desired settings into the unit.

Second, we communicate. Our Director of Logistics and Service is in constant communication with you, with your account manager, with the installers, and any person involved in your install. We verify the little details so you don’t even have to think about them.

Lastly, we are follow through and follow up. This is the stage where our team truly shines. All departments work together to make sure your speed of business continues and improves after your installation. We coordinate delivery and installation to limit downtime, if there is any at all. Our IT team is there and ready to train on the features your business needs and wants. At the same time, our admin team is processing your paperwork, finalizing your account information, and setting up your automatic service and supplies.

For more about how to get a seamless installation, connect with your Account Manager to review upgrade options.