This morning Sharp released a great article which covers the top 5 things to consider when purhcasing your office document systems. 

We whole-heartedly agree with the report, we would add one more crucial piece of the puzzule. What does CHQS think the 6th consideration should be?

 Your local provider of course! The considerations listed in the article are 

  • Cost per copy
  • Accessibility
  • Output quality
  • Security
  • Scanning options

but adding "local provider" is another thing to add to your checklist. Regardless of what product line you go with, your local provider is going to be the company you contact in a time of need. Here are questions to ask your local provider:

  • What ways can I contact you? 
  • What is your average response time with service requests?
  • Do ou have a replacement guarantee?
  • What is the average tenure of your staff?

If you ask a CHQS Account Manager any of these questions, they will happily and proudly answer that CHQS has some of the best statistics and testimonials to back our statements up.

Read the full article from Sharp here