Managing information in the aerospace industry is an ongoing challenge. With ever-changing regulations and thousands of documents to manage, there's little room for error. For many in the aerospace industry, the answer lies with electronic document management. Here's why:


  1. Improve access to critical information. Electronic document management makes vital information accessible to any authorized staff member. When aerospace industry teams rely on outdated and cumbersome paper-based processes, not only is access more difficult, critical information can go missing.

  2. Reduce the time required to find information. Scanning a document via a multifunction printer automatically creates a searchable, digital version of the original content. Rather than wasting hours looking through paper-based storage systems, staff members just conduct a keyword search to find needed documents.

  3. Improve collaboration. Collaborating on important projects is challenging when relying on hard copy documents. Not only do key players have to wait for needed information, paper-based collaboration often requires face-to-face meetings. Electronic document management allows staff members to collaborate in real time, without the constraints of physical location.

  4. Keep everyone on the same page. Version controls and real-time updates make sure everyone has access to the latest information, and your aerospace organization can avoid the costly errors associated with outdated information.

  5. Secure your information. You're responsible for thousands of documents that contain protected information. Some of those documents are protected by government mandates, while others include data coveted by competitors and hackers. While there's no sure way to protect paper documents, digital document management can be protected with several layers of security. Digital documents can also be backed up and stored in off-site cloud repositories, meaning your aerospace company's core knowledge is protected from accidental data loss, ransomware, and natural disaster.

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