Cybersecurity is on everyone's mind, especially with shocking, high-profile data breaches still on the rise. Obviously, a head-in-the-sand approach isn't a good plan, but knowing where to begin is a daunting task.

For your small-to-medium business, an excellent place to begin shoring up data security is right in front of you. Here's what we have in mind.


What's at Risk and What You Can Do About It

Your company's multifunction printers deliver astonishing productivity-enhancing accomplishments. For starters, multifunction printers ramp up efficiency and save valuable office space by combining copy, print, scan, and fax capabilities into one low-profile device. With intelligent document management capabilities built into the device, SMBs can level the playing field with anytime/anywhere access to critical documents.

While there's much to be gained by acquiring multifunction printers, treating them like single-function devices is a mistake. The fact is, today's multifunction printers operate much like computers, and they require the same attention to security to avoid a potential data breach. Here's why.

1. A back door for cybercriminals. It's only recently that hackers have recognized printers as a backdoor into networks and valuable caches of data. From viruses that can spread to every device on the organization's network to ransomware attacks, an unprotected printer is a potential catastrophe-in-waiting.

2. Internal security issues. It's not just external threats at your doorstep—internal security lapses are just as problematic. For example, unclaimed documents left lying in print trays can expose protected information to passers-by. Even when no harm is intended, the exposure is still considered a violation of security mandates.

Fortunately for your organization, Managed Print Services providers know what's at stake and how to mitigate your risks. For an assessment of your print-related security risks, get in touch with us at CHQS to learn more today!