Cloud computing has been around long enough that most of us know the basics. Even so, understanding more about how the cloud works and what it can do for your business can help drive your decision to move your data to the cloud.


Cloud Computing 101

In the simplest terms, the cloud is an internet-driven storage repository for digital data. The alternative is to store data on traditional, on-site computer hard drives. Users can store files in the cloud and then reaccess them using simple keyword search processes.

How the Cloud Can Improve Your Business Processes

The benefits to storing your company's collective knowledge in the cloud are almost too numerous to list, and for forward-thinking SMBs, the time has come to make the switch. Here's why:

1. Anytime/anywhere access to your files. Business as the speed of paper requires access to physical documents and locations. (Think face-to-face meetings and lengthy, printed agendas and reports.) In today's technology-driven business environment, real-time access to your documents is critical. Instead of traveling to collaborate on key projects, your staff and business partners can access documents and brainstorm projects without ever leaving their offices—or even their homes.

2. Level the playing field. Start-ups and SMBs may not have the resources for an on-site IT infrastructure. Managed IT Services providers can solve the issue of limited resources by making their state-of-the-art systems and equipment available for storing your data. Without on-site equipment, you won't be responsible for the heavy lifting, maintenance, and management required to keep systems operating smoothly. Outsourcing to a Managed IT Services provider reduces your responsibilities and your costs while also safeguarding your company's sensitive information.

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