Law firms face the same issues as any other organization when it comes to managing documents. They need proven solutions to organize, access, secure and share information while also keeping costs in line.

The sheer volume of documents that flow through even small firms is reason enough to seek out a document management system. The benefits are substantial.


1. Organize

Email folders, shared file drives, and folder-based filing solutions are rarely good choices for law firms of any size. Even a highly-organized system eventually becomes difficult to manage, and new users may not understand or comply with your customized approach. Document management software uses standardized naming conventions and intelligent indexing for a logical approach to file organization.

2. Search

The real test of any filing system is the ability to retrieve information quickly. Complex file structures that require users to commit the system to memory are a set-up for failure. Document management delivers fast and accurate file retrieval using simple keyword searches.

3. Secure

Law firms have always recognized the importance of privacy, but new government mandates have raised the bar considerably. With so much at risk, many forward-thinking law firms have adopted document management solutions to secure their information. Multiple layers of security make it difficult for unauthorized users to access documents, and audit trails keep detailed records of file accesses and changes.

4. Share

Sharing sensitive files via email is rarely a good idea, and printed documents aren't much better. Document management solutions provide methods for sharing that mitigate security risks. Document management also offers seamless solutions for collaboration, and features version controls to avoid costly errors caused by outdated information.

5. Save

By replacing paper-intensive processes with electronic document management, law firms can drastically reduce costs. Document management saves time, reduces printing costs, and requires less expensive storage space.

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