For many companies, green office goals center around paper. How much do we use? Is all of it necessary? Can we do better? Answering and then addressing these three questions can help your company begin an earnest campaign to go green in the office.


1. How much do we use?

Offices that center around paper-based processes have a hard time meeting their environmental goals. Ongoing research shows that we're still using paper in our offices at the average rate of 10,000 sheets per employee every year. While that figure is disheartening, the next is perhaps more so—40% of those printed pages are tossed in the recycling bin or trash can by the end of the day.

Software that calculates print volumes can help your organization discover just how much paper is flowing through your office. If you need assistance, a managed print services assessment will gather these and other metrics to show where you stand.

2. Is all of it necessary?

Easy access to desktop printers is often the underlying cause of unnecessary printing. A fleet of desktop printers encourages printing without thinking—a practice that impacts the environment and bottom lines alike.

3. Can we do better?

Your most effective partners in your goal to reduce unnecessary printing are your printers themselves. Here's why:

  • Many printers include options for automatic duplexing. By settings printers to default to this option, your office can potentially cut paper usage in half.
  • Multifunction printers are engineered with paperless workflows in mind. Find out how to harness these digital processes to begin your journey to the paperless office.
  • Aging printers may be using more energy than necessary. Switching to ENERGY STAR rated printers is a greener alternative.
  • Replacing fleets of desktop printers with centralized multifunction printers is a step in the right direction.

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