Where do you stand on the debate surrounding services like Dropbox and Google services for business use? These cloud-based file sharing solutions are a popular method for saving, sharing, and collaborating on documents, but their client base is largely individuals and not businesses. If you've wondered why that is, read on to learn more.


Are They Enough?

Today's forward-thinking organizations require a robust electronic document management solution. The question that pops up frequently centers around the suitability of cloud-based storage and sharing solutions as an equivalent to document management software. The conclusion for many is that they don't offer the functionality, performance, and security found in state-of-the-art professional document management software solutions.

Here's why:

1. You need more than just a place for your files.

The initial cost may be attractive, but will a cloud-based file sharing system provide the robust functionality your business needs? Electronic document management goes much further than file storage and sharing and is the first stage in complicated digital workflows. After scanning files into a multifunction printer, users can route them directly into their document management system, which captures relevant data and uses it to begin the process. Benefits include automated document capture, business process management, enterprise content management, and web-based electronic form management, to name a few.

2. You need top-of-the-line security assurances.

A document management system for business houses your company's most sensitive information, much of which is regulated by government compliance mandates. Trusting highly confidential documents to the public cloud is a step many business leaders aren't willing to take. When weighed in the balance, document management software is the better choice.

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