Don't get rid of your printers just yet! The rumors that paperless business processes mean print is dead are greatly exaggerated! Read on to discover three reasons why your printers are still an essential part of your infrastructure.


1. Your customers like print.

Recent research has renewed our faith in the power of printed customer-facing materials. Your online presence is critical to your success, and businesses who follow up with printed materials achieve even better results. Use your color printers to follow up on sales, promotions, and special events with leave-behind materials that reflect your brand. And for your customers who don't shop or do research online, your direct-mail printed materials may be the only way to reach them.

2. You have access to better printers.

Today's printers and copiers are a vast improvement over their predecessors. New capabilities like clear and gold toner deliver impressive image quality for a price that's affordable, even for small businesses. Some multifunction systems come equipped with professional finishing capabilities like booklet making and saddle stitching. Touchscreen interfaces and online support mean even novice users can operate today's sophisticated print technologies.

3. You can save on outsourcing.

On-site printers are one of the best ways to eliminate the hassles of outsourced printing. Here's how:

  • Make your own schedule. Your projects can't always wait for copy center hours.
  • Maintain control. Errors and colors that don't quite match your brand can kill the impact of your branded materials.
  • Print small batches. Small outsourced print runs are often cost prohibitive.
  • Secure your information. Do you want strangers to handle your confidential information?

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