Having enough copiers on hand is critical during short-term projects or special events, but purchasing or leasing for these unusual situations doesn't make sense. Read on to discover why renting is the perfect alternative.


1. Short-term projects.

Renting a few copiers is a good move for projects that require extra document printing and copying. You'll save on the cost of outsourcing and have the flexibility to work around your project deadlines and employee schedules.

2. Conferences and trade shows.

Rentals are a good solution for your next conference or trade show. You won't be dependent on someone else's copiers, and your team will have the flexibility to copy and print hand-outs and reports on demand.

3. Employee training sessions.

Why tie up your copiers during employee training sessions? By training everyone at the same time on rented equipment, you won't interrupt your team's schedule.

4. Evaluating new equipment.

Choosing copiers for a new business or upgrading existing ones is a complicated process. Short-term renting allows you to evaluate new printing solutions and capabilities without committing to purchase or lease. Renting is also perfect for trying out new technologies before buying.

5. Stretch your budget.

Your need for new copiers may not come at a time that's financially convenient. Renting gives you access to new equipment without making a financial commitment before you're ready.

6. Catch a tax break.

Short-term rentals are an excellent write-off come tax time. Since you're not purchasing the equipment, there's no depreciation to worry about, and rental fees are considered an operating expense. Check with your accountant to find out more about the tax benefits of renting copiers and other equipment.

Whatever your situation, contact us at Copier Headquarters to learn more about renting copiers for your business requirements today!