Your office printers and copiers deliver a wide range of benefits to your organization. From superior document production to streamlined digital workflows, these devices are more like productivity partners than office equipment.

If you've been looking at the newest technologies offered by the copier industry, you know you have a few decisions to make. One of these is whether to lease or buy. Here's a rundown of the key advantages offered by leasing.


Access to better technologies.

Today's copiers offer some fantastic features that can improve productivity and reduce costs, and leasing can help your company stay up-to-date on the latest technologies offered by leading manufacturers. Even though the best copiers may come with a price tag that's out of reach for your budget, leasing is a real game-changer. Instead of coming up with a significant amount of capital, you can negotiate a lease payment and term that works for your budget. You'll have access to the latest copiers without putting undue stress on your company's finances.

Faster upgrades.

Upgrading to new copiers is a simple revision process when you're leasing. Your equipment provider will work with you to match the latest copiers with your expanding needs, and you won't be on your own when you're removing older devices from your fleet. A reputable dealer will help with the removal process, including data overwrite or other procedures to delete your information from the copier hard drive.

No unexpected costs.

Your equipment provider will work with you on a lease agreement that includes service and replacement parts. Some lease agreements also include toner cartridges and drums. With no extra costs to worry about, your finance department will enjoy better budget predictability, and you'll have the freedom to plan better for the future.

Leasing your copiers is a great way to acquire new equipment without overextending your budget. Contact us at CHQS to find out more today!