2017 was a year full of bad experiences we'd all rather not repeat, and the WannaCry ransomware attack was just one of them. Organizations across the world learned the hard way that the warnings were correct; delaying data backups and system updates is a terrible idea.

Not sure if your network could your network withstand an attack? The good news is you don't have to remain in the dark. Managed IT Services providers can take over tasks like responding to alerts and performing system updates. They can also provide cloud-based data backup and storage solutions, ensuring your recovery if a disaster impacts your place of business.


The Threats are Real

Even with the help of Managed IT Services, a little knowledge goes a long way toward protecting your equipment and your network. Here's a brief description of the threats that face your business every single day.

Malware Threats

Malware or malicious software can corrupt files and attach itself to computer networks. Some forms of malware seem designed just to cause harm, and there seems to be no tangible benefit to the hacker.

Other forms of malware are designed to work behind the scenes, stealing identities and financial data like credit card and bank account numbers.

Malware most often makes its way into networks when unwary employees fall prey to email phishing scams. One click on a seemingly innocent link can trigger a virus that's nearly impossible to stop.

Ransomware Threats

Ransomware works by encrypting computer files and holding data hostage until the victim agrees to pay a ransom. With demands often exceeding tens of thousands of dollars, a ransomware attack can devastate a small business.

Is your organization well protected from cyberattacks? A threat assessment by Managed IT Services experts at Copier Headquarters can help you find out. Contact us to learn more today!