How do you protect your business assets? For physical assets like office equipment and multifunction printers, locking doors and installing a security system is standard procedure. Most companies limit access to buildings with ID cards and take precautions with keys and passcodes. But what about your documents and collective knowledge?


While physical assets are valuable, it's your intangible assets that drive your business. Tangible assets can be replaced, but lost information is next to impossible to recover. A document management system delivers multiple layers of protection for one of your company's most valuable assets.

Protecting Your Intellectual Assets

Your ideas, creations, designs, and plans are extremely valuable to your company's future. They're also valuable to your competition and cybercriminals. Information leaks—both intentional and accidental—can have a devastating impact on your success.

Protecting your intellectual property using a paper-based system is nearly impossible. If a critical document is lost, misfiled, damaged, or stolen, there may be no way to recover it. Document management software provides a secure, user-friendly solution for protecting your organization's intellectual property. Here's how:

  1. See who's seen your documents. Without strict measures in place, anyone can view your documents and steal your information. Document management provides audit trails alerting management whenever someone accesses, changes, or moves a document. In the event of legal action, these audit trails are proof that someone has infringed upon your intellectual property.

  2. Prepare for disaster. 2017 was a year of devastating disasters, and many lost everything. Organizations with a document management system in place had the peace of mind knowing that, no matter what happened, their stored information was safe and accessible.

Scanning your paper documents into a secure document management system is the best way to protect your company's future. Contact us at CHQS to find out more today!