We were nominated by a few individuals to complete the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. Copier Headquarters has donated many times before, and chose to donate $500 as well as complete the ice bucket challenge.

When it comes to IT issues, it may be hard to get a response from an outsourced company. However, with Copier Headquarters' IT Services, you can easily get in touch with our IT department to troubleshoot your issues.

Have you received an invoice that you just don't understand? Invoices contain important information about your monthly productivity, how to improve capabilities, and understand your company's printing needs. Do you need clarification on a recent invoice you've received? Let the team at Copier Headquarters walk you through it.

According to Oxford Global Resources, companies are still in need of IT consulting. Their recent post shows that 29% of consumers are interested in an IT Consultant. Let Copier Headquarters' manage your network services. Copier Headquarter's introductory Managed Network Service offers: 

Here at Copier Headquarters, we believe that technology is an ever present tool to keep us running at the speed of business. That is why we were one of the first offices in our original office to put in DSL cable, why each of our account managers has an iPad to take with them on customer visits, and why we develop new and easy ways to place service and supply requests.