It's Monday morning and there is an alert of a paper jam on your machine but you can't get rid of the message - it is clear that you need a service call. What do you need to do next? In this edition of HQ's How To's we will show you all the information you should have in order to place a quick service call.    

At Copier Headquarters, we know how frustrating a piece of office equipment can be which is why we offer a range of solutions to keep you running at the speed of business. Read below to see which option suits your office environment best!    

Did you receive a request for your meter read?

Need a refresher on how to submit it? - Check out the step by step instructions below

Here at Copier Headquarters, we offer a boutique level of service for all of your copier needs.  We make every effort possible to make sure our customers run at the speed of business. We are introducing yet another way to get faster service for all of your copier service and copier supply needs.

Meet Stuart Fratkin, our Executive Vice President