These are just a few simple tips for how Copier Headquarters can help you work smarter, faster, and help the environment. Share ideas with co-workers and management to create a green office and make sustainability an important part of your company.

In today’s challenging economy, companies are looking for meaningful cost reduction strategies that can show immediate, measurable results, and at the same time, finding ways to boost productivity and return on assets. The challenge is that these two goals are typically at odds. Boosting productivity usually requires capital expenditures, while cutting expenses means harming productivity.  With a managed print service contract in place, these impacts are reduced and opportunities for improvement are realized allowing for:

One of the biggest shifts in technology is obviously the cloud. Many people are interested in how the cloud can make your business more efficient. One great aspect of office equipment machines, is that they are now being equipped with cloud printing capabilities. The trend is so prominent that even Google is making cloud printing accessible to all. Check out this article from The Next Web which explains the launch Google Cloud Printer  

Is your machine getting paper jams?


Here are three easy steps you can take to prevent paper jams:

It's Monday morning and there is an alert of a paper jam on your machine but you can't get rid of the message - it is clear that you need a service call. What do you need to do next? In this edition of HQ's How To's we will show you all the information you should have in order to place a quick service call.