What is my security strategy?

Do you know the answer to that question? Many people don’t and it’s one of the main reasons a piece of office equipment doesn’t quite fit into your workflow the way you want it to. There are three main things to look at.

Did you know that Sharp is the exclusive provider for NJPA members?

It’s true! Through October 2020, Sharp’s line of multifunction printers and professional display boards (Aquos Boards) are eligible for specialized pricing.

Am I eligible for NJPA pricing?

Office equipment is commonly referred to as a “printer” or “copier”. That isn’t wrong, but there are so many more capabilities that come as standard features, that printer just isn’t enough. Generally, these pieces of office equipment are multifunction printers. They incorporate different functionality to meet a variety of business needs in one hub. The first step of deciding what machine you need, is determining which features you need and want.

The BLI (Buyer's Lab Inc) 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award was given to Sharp for 

Innovation for its Web Utility Design

Highlight's of the award include it's ease of use and web utilities not offered by its competitors. 

Have you ever been asked "What kind of machine do you need?" Office technology is far beyond a standard copier now and the choices can be overwhelming. CHQS Account Managers advise three simple questions to start your decision making journey.