ENX Magazine October 2017

There was a time not long ago when Dan Strull felt like he was not actually the CEO of Copier Headquarters. The corner office had his name on it, but it seemed like someone else was in charge.

Now, after 17 years of operating as a Xerox agent, Strull has been reinvigorated by the freedom that comes with being an independent dealer for the office technology space. The Woodland Hills, CA-based business now predominantly offers the Sharp line of multifunction printers, along with a variety of products from Samsung, Brother, OKI, Xerox and HP that cover A3 and A4 products, as well as mailing, finishing, booklet making gear, scanning and software solutions. Its menu of services includes managed print (which has grown at a clip of 15 percent per yet), managed IT and security-as-a-service.

Have you ever been in this scenario? Your big presentation is tomorrow, your team has been working tirelessly on the content and you realize there is a mistake on the document. It's after hours and you have no office equipment that can replicate the booklet you made.

Many businesses choose to outsource for their document creation needs, but is that the most cost effective or productive process?

Check out this infographic which compares outsourcing to insourcing.

This morning Sharp released a great article which covers the top 5 things to consider when purhcasing your office document systems. 

We whole-heartedly agree with the report, we would add one more crucial piece of the puzzule. What does CHQS think the 6th consideration should be?

While we love Queen Bey just has much as anyone else, but we have to disagree that you need to step to the left. 

However, in today's industry, many corporations leave their customers out in the dust. Has this happened to you recently?

Copier Headquarters is proud to announce that it is the recipient of the prestigious Hyakuman Kai Award