At CHQS we strive to make life easier for your workplace in any way possible. A common frustration, installing print drivers, is made simple with he links below. Now no matter what make or model you have, you have the print driver links with one click!

Download your print driver

One of the new features of the Sharp Office Equipment product line is the Sharp Walk Up sensor. What does that mean?

Section 508 refers to accessibility laws and policies, specifically to make electronic and information technology (EIT) accessible to people with disabilities. With Sharp office equipment, the user interface is one of the features that users enjoy the most. Did you know that the retractable QWERTY keyboard is inherently compliant with Section 508?

Dust and pollen and dander oh my! These common allergens are in the air and can settle in your office equipment. Here's how to prevent the build-up

With Spring Break gone, it's time to look to your summer reading list. While at the beach or flying to your vacation locale, check out Dan's Top Ten Books. Get inspired and educated!