What is response time? Response time is the time that passes from the moment you place a call until it is completed. What is the CHQS response time? 

What is "The Internet of Things?"

The simplest definition of "The Internet of Things" is physical objects that use connectivity to communicate with data. Forbes has a great, more in-depth look here. For example: When you car has a GPS system installed, the communication from your car to the satellites is classified as the internet of things.

Our administrative team is made of dedicated individuals who work behind the scenes to keep our customers running at the speed of business. While some positions are specifically cross-functional, the way this team works together with each department is crucial for success.

At CHQS, our employees are experts in their field, dedicated to our values, and have a great sense of fun. In our series "A Day in the CHQS life," we will explore how our team keeps customers running at the speed of business. Our Account Managers have a unique and important job. Each day they get to meet with a variety of people. From big corporations to local small businesses, our sales team interacts with them all. What does a typical day look like for them?

Access the Sharp MX 5070 MX 6070 Brochure here! The color Advanced Series offer users powerful multitasking features enabling them to quickly execute the ever-changing workflow tasks of today's busy office environments.

Why is the Sharp MX 5070 MX 6070 so desirable?