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Offices utilize a variety of combinations of printers and multi-function units to meet their document needs. While these combinations may function, they may not be optimized for cost and productivity. In fact, most companies cannot assign a true cost to their printing usage. How can that be? When you are managing a lot of units, desktop printers often fall under the realm of the Facilities department. Multi-function printers however, fall under the IT department's jurisdiction, because of their connectivity functions. With both departments managing cost, it can be difficult to look at the cost holistically. How can you audit your printing costs? Start with a FREE COST ANALYSIS from Copier Headquarters. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Connect with your Account Manager so they can manage the timeline of your analysis. Working together with our specialists, service team and administrative staff to monitor your environment, we monitor your usage, costs, and consumables.

Step 2: Install Print Tracker. It is a free tool that collects information about the number of prints in your office, the usage in your office and more - see the full list below! S

tep 3: Review the data and the recommendations from CHQS. Here is a sample of the data you will see. Your FREE analysis includes:

  • Fleet Analysis: A description of the types of machines you use in your office by make, model, and capabilities. This includes all product lines.
  • Output Analysis: Scaled on a monthly basis, this data shows the average prints by each type of machine (printer, multifunction, etc)
  • Utilization Analysis: Out of all of the machines in your office, see which are used most, least, or even not at all (definite cost waster!)
  • Operating Cost Analysis: A sum of costs based on yearly projections of all costs involved (IT, Lease, Power Usage, Paper, etc).Analysis by Make and Model Utilization Chart


When you get a new machine installed by Copier Headquarters, you get to work with our wonderful IT staff. Lucky you! Before our team comes on site, here are some things you need to know about the process.






What are the perks of a CHQS Maintenance Agreement?

. Many offices don't see the need to upgrade their equipment right away, but regularly assessing the functionality of your office equipment will help build continuous productivity. By partnering with CHQS, your Account Manager can find the machinery and the software to aid in that process.

Here are 4 points that will help you assess if you are ready to upgrade your equipment: