Santa Barabara Sharp and Xerox Copiers and HP Printers

copiers-santa-barbaraCopier Headquarters is always offering superior copier technology, HP printers and services for Santa Barbara area businesses and will help your company grow and save money at the same time.

We carry a wide range of copiers, multifunction printers and office solutions for your staff equipment needs in Santa Barbara. We are proud to support name brands and industry leaders like Sharp, HP printers and Xerox copiers and laser printers for your convienence. We understand that each and every company has different needs and we are ready to assist you with your copier and laser printer questions. Click here to view our multifunction printer options.  


Managed Print Services in Santa Barbara

Along with our wide variety of top name brand and professional copiers and laser printers, we also can assist in managed print services that can add up to extreme cost savings each year for your company. Local area businesses will often ignore the their printing and copy environments when analyzing ways to reduce their large overhead. Santa Barbara Companies can actually save a fantastic 30% on printing costs with a Copier Headquarters MPS (Managed Print Services) contract for your business. In today's average corporate office, you probably have more paper and digital files than you know what to do with.  We can help you streamline those bottle necks that waste energy and save your company money at the same time! Click here for more information on our managed print services.


Managed IT Services For Santa Barbara

Our IT department is standing by and able to assist in being your personal managed business systems provider. At Copier Headquarters, our Managed IT Services enable your business to have the freedom of a completely managed network.

Our services include:

  • Remotely monitor performance metrics
  • Proactively address alerts and updates
  • Complete service requests via our in-house IT team
  • We can troubleshoot on-site, remotely and phone
  • Cloud based back-up and storage
  • Collaborating to provide each network with the support uniquely tailored to the company needs

Request a Consultation Today

Visit our contact page here and our Managed Print Services team will contact you to learn about how your specific business can save money and the environment. You can also call our office 818-874-1200 | 805-532-9977