Stuart Fratkin

Executive Vice President

If you take a close look at Stuart, you may recognize him from his previous job as an Actor, starring in the films “Teen Wolf Too”, “Ski School” and co-starring in “Godzilla.” He has over 50 television guest-starring roles to his credit and starred in his own show “They Came From Outer Space” in 1989-1990.

In 2002, he decided to change things up and joined a Xerox Sales Agency in the San Fernando Valley as an Account Rep. When that Agency was sold; he was a pivotal part of bringing back this new Agency to 100% of their budget. He was promoted to Sales Manager in 2007 and joined the Copier Headquarters team as Vice President of Agency Operations in October 2007. He now holds the role of Executive Vice President and enjoys leading the CHQS team of Account Managers, providing insight and care to our customers, and bringing energy into the office.

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