Sharp MX-4141

Virgo2 keyboard The Sharp MX-4141 is an ideal Sharp starter unit for any business looking to increase their productivity and decrease their print spending!

As a part of the full-color ledger size workgroup, the Sharp MX-4141 offers flexibility, reliability, customization, and easy operation. As with other Sharp specific products, the 10.1″ tablet-style touch screen that users absolutely adore. With functions like pinch and zoom, flick swipes, and one touch job completion, this standard feature is one of the highlights most users appreciate most. On top of that, the processing unit within this machine makes it easy to integration network applications and cloud services.

Other key features of the Sharp MX-4141:

  • Prints up to 41 pages per minute
  • Scans up to 170 Images Per Minute through the Single Pass Duplex Scanner that holds up to 150 sheets
  • Handles up to 80 lb paper weight when processed through trays and 110 lb paper weight when run through the bypass tray
  • Real time scan preview with an integrated document filing system that allows for customization of popular jobs and processes
  • Paper capacity of up to 6,600

Our own team utilizes the MX-4141 daily in our office. The administrative team raves about the ability to see their scans in real-time. We process many packets as part of our order processing. If a packet is ten pages, we are able to verify all pieces are legible, separate out singular pages and distribute them to specific team members, and file them as we see fit.

Winner of the 2015 BLI Highly Recommended Certificate, this machine has also been recognized with a reliability certificate.

35 - 50 Pages Per Minute