Sharp MX-5141

Virgo2 keyboardThe Sharp MX 5141 is versatile, multi-functional, powerful, multi-tasking and intuitive.

Highlights of the Sharp MX 5141

  • Tablet-like user interface that makes work get done quickly: With flick, tap, slide, pinch, zoom capability of the 10.1″ touchscreen, completing a print job is simple. The retractable QWERTY keyboard is Section 508 compliant  and also tilts for convenient entry. Complex job programming becomes as each as the push of an icon.
  • The real-time scan preview verifies document settings: After utilizing the machine’s capability to scan up to 51 images per minute, users can preview each page, rotate, edit, delete, insert, and more before completing the print job of choice.
  • High quality prints are guaranteed with standard software: Adobe PostScript 3 driver, Pantone Matching System, 1200×1200 dpi, and more create razor sharp images


50+ Pages Per Minute