Sharp MX-654 754

The Sharp MX 654 754 is a high speed monochrome workgroup designed to meet your business needs. Copier Headquarters can provide more information, a trial, or demonstration at your convenience. Contact us today!


Key Features of the Sharp MX 654 754

  • Tablet-style touch-screen that offers user-friendly graphics which means user can quickly access features and functions when creating a print job
  • Set up with wireless networking as a standard, from the moment of delivery, where you can utilize the Sharpdesk Mobile app instantly
  • The latest upgrades Sharp OSA and Cloud Portal Office are available to further enhance your printing processes
  • Security features that include 256-bit data encryption, 10 times overwrite protection, and complete data erasure
  • Selection of configurations that includes professional finishes like folding and booklet making
  • The ability to change your supplies while print jobs are still being completed

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50+ Pages Per Minute