Copier Headquarters commits to providing a boutique level of customer service at the speed of business. We utilize benchmark products, dynamic consumer tools, and cutting-edge technologies to create solutions for our customers, while at the same time, believe in the simplicity of answering every phone call live.

What does our mission really mean? Let’s break it down:

Boutique Level of Customer Service

No request is too great for Copier Headquarters. Our business focuses on office products and solutions – why should you have to? Each time you interact with Copier Headquarters, you get the white glove treatment. Who wants to call the corporate service number or solve tough problems? We do! We will never give you a phone number to call, we will always handle it for, or with you.

Speed of Business

We want you to be able to continue your primary job function with full faith and knowledge that we can handle your request. With one phone call, one online submission, one e-mail, one click to chat, you have handed off the task to us and we complete the task and follow up with the result. You get to focus on accomplishing your goals while we focus on your request.

Benchmark Products

2015 brought the expansion of Copier Headquarters product line. We offer a full range of office equipment, from copiers to Aquos Boards, laminators to booklet makers, and an answer for any technology puzzle you may be solving. From our IT Services to our technology and software options, we are always looking to outfit our customers with the best options out there. We are so sure our products will exceed your expectations, that we offer a Complete Replacement Guarantee.

Dynamic Consumer Tools

Our goal is to be as available and accessible as possible. This is why we make it easy to submit requests online, chat, and even via social media like Twitter Facebook. Technology is changing for our consumers and we will always stay up to date on which tool is easiest to utilize.

We Answer Every Phone Call Live

We really do. From 8 am until often after 5 pm, our phone is being answered by a real live human being. Don’t believe us? Give us a call! We get as much information as we can upfront so that you can pass it off to us.
We are proud of our mission and live it out each day.