Executive Staff

Executive Vice President

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Director of Managed Services

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Thomas Chacko


Account Managers

Gary Dergazarian

Vice President

Mark Marmorstein

Account Manager

Len Wayne

Vice President

Michael Sarlak

Senior Account Manager

Joe De Santos

Technology Specialist

Technical Services

Jodie Grice

Director of Logistics and Service

Eddie Olmos

Director of IT

Colby Noji

Service Manager

Garry Dominiak


Saleh Shirafkan


Clint Noji

Warehouse Manager

Musa Ra Men


Jorge Alvarez

IT Analyst

John McMillan

IT Analyst

Client Relations

Pam Coleman

Director of Sales Support

Melinda Relles

Agency Operations Manager

Gayle Harris

Director of Order Management

Nasim Attaripour

Administrative Assistant

Tanya Nakamura

Accounting Clerk