Track Our Technicians!

Every day, Copier Headquarters dispatches service calls. From jams to deliveries, our team covers Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles Counties with speed of business as their fuel. Our service team consists of 4 technicians (Colby, Gilbert, Saleh and Garry), our Director of Service and Logistics (Jodie), and our Warehouse Manager (Clint).  Here is what…


What Cost Analysis can CHQS Provide?

Cost Analysis: One of the first things Copier Headquarters addresses is making sure every aspect of your costs are addressed. We ask questions about processes, needs, functions, and goals in order to see what cost-effective AND useful. As our mission statement says, we use benchmark products to ensure our customers get the most out of…


HQ How To: Read Your Invoice

Every month you get an invoice for your maintenance agreement and it contains a lot of information! In today’s HQ How To, we are going to break down each section of the Contract Invoice, explain what it means, and show how you can customize it to fit your needs.

How does our customer service measure up?

Our team shared an article from Real Business called “Developing an Authentic Customer Service Style.” The author Micah Solomon points out that pre-fabricated marketing and customer service just won’t cut it this day in age. Here at Copier Headquarters, we tend to agree with Micah!