Collate: HQ How To

Often times people overlook the collate function of their office equipment. This visual aid helps you collate your documents and recommends what type of documents benefit best from collating.

Convenience Stapler

What is a convenience stapler? A convenience stapler is an accessory for office equipment (not just for Xerox equipment) that allows staples to be placed automatically. The convenience stapler sits adjacent to the mainframe of a copier. It is a way to staple documents while reducing clutter around the copier machine. How much does it…


How To Upgrade Your Printer

Copier Headquarters is the premier source to purchase and/or lease¬†Xerox office equipment for Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties.¬† Most offices now consider printers a necessary part of their productivity plan. However, most companies don’t research upgrade options until they are in a time of desperate need. It is important to research which solutions…