What Makes A Seamless Install

If you’ve been through an office equipment installation, you may be fearful of your next upgrade. Common experiences include multiple days of downtime, invisible account managers, a lack of training, and general frustration. Not with CHQS. We design our installations to fit your workflow seamlessly.


What Kind of Machine Do I Need? Pt 1 – Features

Office equipment is commonly referred to as a “printer” or “copier”. That isn’t wrong, but there are so many more capabilities that come as standard features, that printer just isn’t enough. Generally, these pieces of office equipment are multifunction printers. They incorporate different functionality to meet a variety of business needs in one hub. The…


What Kind of Machine Do I Need?

Have you ever been asked “What kind of machine do you need?” Office technology is far beyond a standard copier now and the choices can be overwhelming. CHQS Account Managers advise three simple questions to start your decision making journey.


Specializing in copiers, laser printers from Sharp, Xerox and HP Printers. We want your staff and company network to get back to the speed of business. From invoice questions to routine maintenance and supplies to hi-tech managed IT and print services, we want our customers to know that they can pass the issue to us,…