A Glass of Fresh Air

Perfect for offices or homes, the Skywell 5 generates up to five gallons of clean drinking water per day — hot or cold. The Skywell App and interactive touchscreen engages users and offers water consumption data and environmental facts.

A Glass of Fresh Air

Mimicking the Water Cycle, the Skywell 5:

The Skywell takes in and filters the surrounding air, removing dust, airborne particles, and bacteria.

It is then condensed on a cooled surface.

The result is Air Water.

How It Thinks

Your Skywell is no mere water cooler

It’s well-informed on environmental and health issues related to drinking water. Take our daily EcoQuiz to test your knowledge on the environment or create your own unique Hydration Profile, which allows you to set daily hydration goals, indicates water consumption, and lets you know how many plastic bottles you’ve saved as a result of using the Skywell. Even casual Skywell users will begin to think differently about drinking water.

A dashboard engages and informs

The Skywell comes equipped with an interactive touchscreen and dashboard that indicates available water temperatures, current water tank level, and water production capabilities for that given day so you always know how your Skywell is doing.

Track your hydration and set daily water goals

The Skywell offers you the unique ability to create a Hydration Profile so you can access personal water facts such as the amount of water you have consumed to date and the positive environmental impact you’re having from using the Skywell. Plus, you can set daily hydration goals and track your progress every day.

Why It’s Better

The Skywell represents the future of drinking water, with many meaningful advantages over other common water sources.

  • You control your own water — eliminating your reliance on potentially contaminated municipal water and a decaying water delivery infrastructure.
  • Decrease your water and carbon footprint. Did you know that water requires pumping, piping, and shipping to a treatment plant before it can even get into pipes and dispensed from your water taps? The Skywell eliminates the need for this cumbersome and energy consuming process that heavily impacts our environment.
  • No trucks delivering big plastic bottles that require handling and storage — or single-use plastic bottles that pollute our oceans and clog our landfills. The Skywell greatly reduces the severe environmental cost of disposing billions of single-use plastic bottles worldwide. Over 80% of these bottles are never recycled, leaving them to decompose in our oceans, rivers, and landfills — a process that can takes hundreds of years.
  • The Skywell App allows you to track your water consumption on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, as well as monitor the positive environmental impact that results from your reduced usage of plastic bottles. Plus, it offers you the opportunity to brand the Skywell with your company’s logo.

Innovative Technology for Fresher, Cleaner Drinking Water

You need a lot of things to get work done everyday. One of these things—and one which people sometimes take for granted—is water.

The Skywell gives you clean, healthy drinking water efficiently. On top of that, its innovative technology lets you save time and money and even makes you more environmentally responsible.

Advantages of Using Skywell

People don’t always think about the water they drink and what’s in it. When you stop to look at the facts, they can be pretty hard to swallow.

Research has shown that well over 10 million Americans regularly drink unclean water. Originating from groundwater and wells, it frequently contains pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, fungi and other substances.

The facts get even worse from there. The World Health Organization anticipates that half of the world’s population may not be able to drink pure, healthy water dependably. Standard ways of getting drinking water create problems too, with 25 billion plastic bottles ending up in landfills and our oceans.

Clearly, something needs to change. That’s where the Skywell comes in. It gives you clean, great-tasting water quickly and reliably. You don’t need to worry about:

  • Getting sick from what you’re drinking
  • Moving and storing heavy, bulky bottles of water
  • Pollution caused by transporting and disposing of bottles

How Skywell Works

The Skywell uses sophisticated technology to do something beautifully simple: It literally pulls water out of the air.

Once you plug the Skywell in, it starts collecting moisture from the air around it. After that, it puts this water through a rigorous filtration process to remove any impurities or contaminants. Almost before you know it, you’ll get pure hot and cold water ready to drink.

The Skywell lets you see the impact of your water usage too. Its interactive screen shows you the temperatures of your water and keeps track of how much water you consume. Not only that, it shows you how many plastic bottles you’ve saved by using the Skywell.

Using the Skywell can have a great impact on your workplace. But even more than that, it can benefit the planet as a whole.